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...textures that stimulate tactile and visual feelings 
Texture reparation
Inograve has grown daily and systematically in order to satisfy the needs of its clients and ensure their loyalty to our services, thereby contributing to their sustainable growth. We rely on technicians with a vast experience of over 20 years in this field to continue growing.

At Inograve you will find the ideal partner, you will find ourselves to be completely trustworthy and able to provide a quality service.
  • We have especially invested in the area of textures. We are qualified to apply the most varied textures in different types of steel which enable us to accept the large majority of services which are asked of us in regard of textures.

    We provide all our clients with a catalogue which will allow them to either a type of texture or remain up to date in terms of the depth of service provided and its market acceptance.

    We are also qualified to create new textures, extra catalogue, when required by clients. In these cases, we request from clients a plastic sample or a drawing in .dxf format which will permit us to make a
    faithful reproduction of the texture intended and in accordance to the characteristics required by the client.
  • The repair service is sometimes necessary. We have developed techniques that allow us to repair with the best quality, obtaining a homogenous texture pattern.

    To achieve this, we request a sample of the plastic with the pattern to be repaired. To ensure a greater effectiveness the weld must be made within the parameters demanded (toughness equal to the mould).
  • We also provide our clients with a laser engraving service which enables engraving any kind of logo or text irrespective of configuration or size. All we require from our clients is a file with the location of the engraving, what they want to engrave and its size in a .dxf extension.

    Inograve acquired the 2nd laser machine in order to satisfy our customers thus making the delivery of engraving services much faster.

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  • A further service we provide to our clients is tarnishing. On occasions, it is necessary to tarnish a mould which is not in perfect conditions of cleanliness or that shows some flaws and we have to resort to tarnishing to correct it. We therefore execute any kind of tarnishing irrelevant of graining and/or the type of mould.